Combined Training Week

Tuesday 24 February 2015 - Posted By Natasha Omay

Next week Port Stephen's Region is holding a Combined Training Week in lieu of our usual Combined Training Night at Raymond Terrace.

All classes will be starting at 6pm for all ages. Days and venues as follows:-

2nd March, Monday – Raymond Terrace

Toogee HQ, 78 Port Stephens Street

3rd March, Tuesday – Seaham

School of Arts Hall, Seaham Road

4th March, Wednesday – Karuah

Karuah Community Hall, Engel Avenue

5th March, Thursday – Medowie

Community Hall, Ferodale Road

6th March, Friday – Nelson Bay

Senior Citizens Hall, 6 Norburn Avenue

Hope to see you all there. It’ll be a great week of training!

Port Stephens & Newcastle Gradings

Monday 08 December 2014 - Posted By Robert Frost

Congratulations to Bujang Mick Brinkley on his promotion to 4th dan regional instructor, Gwajang Alan Bishop on his promotion to 3rd dan instructor with great displays of technique from both, and the 2 brothers Nathaniel Stokes and Lachlan Stokes from the central coast who earned their black belts in a hard fought grading.

Also at Port Stephens grading Sabum Alex Sorensen grading to 2nd dan instructor and Griffin Dunn grading to 1st poom.

We also had some impressive displays from Gwajang Scott Gannon and Gwajang Mark Styles, it was awesome to watch and be a part of!


Latest Black Belt Promotions

Monday 24 November 2014 - Posted By Sam Wilson

Kirwan Dojang, Townsville, North Queensland.
Congratulations to Liam Bertucci and Braeden Parker on their promotion to 1st Poom (Junior Black Belt) and to Carmelita Caputol and Carlita Crame on their promotion to 1st Dan Black Belt. 

Grading Promotions

Tuesday 24 June 2014 - Posted By Michael Omay

Congratulations to Toogee's newest black belts!

Jed Wallman, successfully promoted to 1st Dan Black

Belt Trey Viliamu Betham and Jaidan Smolders, successfully promoted to Junior Black Belt.

Also congratulations to Michael Milburn on his promotionto 2nd Dan and Richard Hayward for officially joining the Toogee Black Belt family. And an extra big congratulations to Natasha Omay on promoting to 3rd Dan and Secretary General for Toogee Taekwondo!

Toogee Winter Camp 2014

Monday 19 May 2014 - Posted By Michael Omay

What a weekend?
Our 19th annual winter camp. I believe this was our best camp ever, over 100 students participating ranging from 10th gup to 5th Dan (including I think 28 Black Belts) with attendees from Port Stephens Region, Newcastle Region, the Coalfields Region, the Upper Hunter Region, Western Sydney Region, Central Queensland Region and the Northern Queensland Region. Grappling, patterns, self defence, basics, strength and conditioning, the run, meditation, breakfalls and throws, kicking combos, the concert, good food and last but not least good company.
Huge thanks to Sarjangnim Michael Omay and Samu Chongjang Natasha Omay for their efforts in organising the event and the Instructors, Black Belts and students that helped to make the weekend run so smoothly.

Little Taeks

Tuesday 14 January 2014 - Posted By Natasha Omay

In February our Raymond Terrace Dojang will be starting up new classes aimed for 2-6 year olds and will be run by Sabumnim Natasha Omay. These classes have been structured to suit the littlies keeping them active in a fun learning environment, with an introduction to Taekwondo. An Open Day will be held on Thursday 30 January 2014 at 10am at our Raymond Terrace Dojang. Places are limited so make sure you book in. Parents are also encouraged to come and join in on the fun and get active! Please contact Sabumnim Natasha Omay on 0407 281 405 for further information

Trick Kicks Seminar

Tuesday 24 September 2013 - Posted By Sam Wilson
Seminar - Trick Kicks Date - Sunday 13th October Start - 10am Venue - Scone Dojang (High School Hall) Guest Instructor - Clyde Vaughan.

4th Dan promotion

Monday 16 September 2013 - Posted By Sam Wilson

Congratulation to Kelly Gibson on his promotion to 4th Dan Regional Instructor

Photo - Tai-Loi Gibson 2nd Poom, Master Frost, Bujangnim Kelly Gibson 4th Dan and Sabumnim Sabina Gibson 2nd Dan.

Queensland promotions

Friday 06 September 2013 - Posted By Sam Wilson

Congratulations to:

Hailey Bertucci Kirwan Dojang North Queensland Promoted to 1st Poom (Jnr Black Belt)
Steve Bertucci Kirwan Dojang North Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Instructor.
Wayne Grewe Gladstone Dojang, Central Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.
Jan Borg Gladstone Dojang Central Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.
David Borg Gladstone Dojang Central Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.
Greg Williams Gladstone Dojang Central Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Assistant Instructor.
Jodi Cragg Gladstone Dojang Central Queensland Promoted to 1st Dan Instructor.

Central Coast

Friday 06 September 2013 - Posted By Sam Wilson
Erina Dojang Erina High School Hall Ernest Street, Erina Classes Tuesday and Thursday 6.00 - 7.30pm