2017 Starting Dates

Friday 16 December 2016 - Posted By Robert Frost

Classes for 2017 will commence on the following dates
Fern Bay - Wed 18th Jan
Mallabula - Mon 30th Jan
Medowie - Tue 17th Jan
Nelson Bay - Tue 17th Jan
Raymond Terrace - Mon 9th Jan
Seaham - Tue 10th Jan
Tea Gardens - Wed 1st Feb
Erina - Tue 17th Jan
Wyoming - Thu 19th Jan
Windsor - Mon 16th Jan
Cameron Park - Tue 10th Jan
Georgetown - Mon 9th Jan
Jesmond - Tue 10th Jan
Maryland - Mon 9th Jan
Morisset - Mon 16th Jan
Scone - Mon 16th Jan
Tamworth - Tue 24th Jan
Kirwan - 
Gladstone - Open through except for Public Holidays
Calliope - Open through except for Public Holidays
PNG classes - from Mon 13th Feb


New Dojangs

Friday 22 July 2016 - Posted By Robert Frost

Golden Oldies Self Defence
Starts 25th August.
Where: Holy Family Anglican Church Hall off Parkhill Rd Wyoming
When: Thursdays mornings
Time: 10 to 11.30 am
Contact Instructor Alan Bishop 0438282076


Congratulations Instuctor Stephen Smith on the opening of Morisset PCYC Dojang
5 Kahibah Street
Classes Monday & Friday 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Beginners welcome


Monday 11 July 2016 - Posted By Robert Frost

Another new Dojang opens in PNG.
Congratulations Instructor Geno Kone on opening your new Dojang in Rigo, Central Province.
Class details available soon.

Congratulations to Instructor Momo Leka on the opening of our new Badihagwa Dojang. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday 3pm - 5pm at Badihagwa Public School.

Congratulations to Instructor Dabi Keny on the opening of our newest Dojang at Kiunga, Western Province. Details soon.

Opening soon in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.

2016 Camp

Thursday 02 June 2016 - Posted By Michael Omay

Well camp has come and gone for another year and it was a huge one with almost 130 Toogee members in attendance without counting even more parents and families camped in various camp sites and cabins, we also had a total of 39 black belts in attendance with 78 dans worth of black belt between them!

I would like take some time to thank some of those involved in making the camp what it was again this year - apologies in advance this will be a long post but please take the time to read it.

Firstly thank you to all the Students, Black belts and instructors involved - We saw some great displays of technique, awesome breaks, great sparring and it was also great to see all the members getting along so well outside of training times. Without your support we wouldn't have a camp to attend, we also saw some great turns outs from all regions, with a huge increase in numbers from a few classes in particular - Scone Dojang(Bujang Tim Jopson) Nelson Bay(Sabum Alex Sorensen) and Cameron Park Dojang(Kimberley Sarah Munro and Andrew Walker)

Also a HUGE thanks to Bujang Mick Brinkley, Kelly Gibson, Shayne McLaren and Tim Jopson and Gwajang Scott Gannon, Sam Wilson and Sabum Lisa Holden and John D'Arcy for your support everything from help organizing and planning the camp, helping organise the students, running sections of the camp, organizing group activities etc. You all played a large role in our camp this year with such a large number this would have been impossible without your help.

Thank you also to Instructor Brendan Lees and the parents who helped out on the first aid side of things, Tim McEwen in particular for your expertise helping out with an injured student Sunday afternoon.

Another huge Thanks to Matt Smith From Matt Smith Photography bringing your family out join us and taking to time to capture the weekend - you were very diligent on the photography duties regardless of how many times I told you to relax and enjoy Riverwood downs - looking at what you have sent me so far you have taken some incredible pics - I can't wait to see the rest!!

Also a massive Thanks to Sonia Craig and her daughter Skye Craig and other parents who helped out taking the time to prepare food for everybody both days, also taking time to help myself and Natasha with the kids so we could run the camp - They were silently working away missing the action while we all trained so please take time to say thanks to them when you see them next.

Thank you also to Master Robert Frost for you sharing you wisdom for the weekend with everyone who attended, I think it was one of best camps covering a lot of ground, also spending time clarifying a number of techniques in the senior dan patterns in particular.

And lastly a massive, massive Thanks to Samu chongjang Natasha Omay without your hard work in planning and organizing I certainly know I couldn't do it on my own. Natasha gives up many days of her own time for these camps, it would be nearly impossible to track the amount of time that goes into organizing and it can be very stressful so please take the time to Thank Natasha for a job well done.

No doubt I have missed a lot of others in this post, the camp really is a team effort from all our Toogee family with everyone helping out in some way to make it all happen!

Time to start planning camp 2017!


Sunday 01 May 2016 - Posted By Robert Frost

Master Frost is pleased to announce the following Papua New Guinea promotions. 
Congratulations to
John Aisi - promoted 3rd Dan Gwajangnim, Socay Dojang
Momo Leka - promoted 2nd Dan Sabumnim, Pomtech Dojang
Alphons Leka - promoted 1st Dan Black Belt, Pomtech Dojang
Rex Roko - promoted 1st Dan Black Belt, Socay Dojang
Faustina Oata - promoted 1st Dan Black Belt, Socay Dojang


Toogee Martial Arts - Tamworth Dojang

Thursday 04 February 2016 - Posted By Brad Pryer

Toogee Martial Arts, Tamworth Dojang is now offering 3 evening Taekwondo classes (12 year olds and above) and 4 childrens Taekwondo classes (5 to 11 years old) per week.

The evening classes are held on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6.00 to 7.30pm and childrens classes from 4.30 to 5.30pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

For any further information regarding classes and or private Toogee Taekwondo training sessions please feel free to contact Regional Instructor Brad on 0434 067 271.

Little Taeks

Wednesday 03 February 2016 - Posted By Alex Sorensen

With school back in full swing this week, this means our Little Taeks classes are also back at the Raymond Terrace Dojang, 78d Port Stephens Street:-

Thursday 10.30am 

We are also excited to announce a new Little Taeks class opening this week at the Maryland Dojang, Maryland Neighbourhood Centre, Maryland Drive on Wednesday at 4.00pm. 

Come along to the opening class this week for a FREE LESSON!

Our Little Taeks classes are designed for 2-5 year old's as a great way to introduce the basics of self defense, as well as developing confidence, co-ordination, discipline and exercise all whilst having fun. 

For enquiries contact Instructor Leanne Rance on 0407 578 798.

New Dojang

Saturday 23 January 2016 - Posted By Robert Frost

Congratulations to Instructor Steven Cragg on the opening of our new Calliope Dojang, Central Queensland and welcome to our newest students.
Classes are Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm - 7.30pm,
3 Don Cameron Drive, Calliope.


Class Holidays

Friday 18 December 2015 - Posted By Alex Sorensen

Here is the list of the class close/open dates for 2015/2016:


Port Stephens

Raymond Terrace Fri 18th Dec Mon 11th Jan
Seaham Thur 17th Dec Tue 12th Jan
Medowie Thur 17th Dec Tue 19th Jan
Nelson Bay Tue 22nd Dec Tue 12th Jan
Karuah Wed 16th Dec Mon 3rd Feb
Tea Gardens Thur 17th Dec Tue 4th Feb
Fern Bay Wed 16th Dec Mon 11th Jan


Jesmond Thur 17th Dec Tue 12th Jan
Maryland Wed 16th Dec Mon 11th Jan
Georgetown TBA Wed 21st Jan
Cameron Park TBA Tue 19th Jan

Central Coast

Erina Tue 15th Dec Thur 14th Jan

Upper Hunter Valley

Scone Thur 17th Dec Thur 28th Jan

Western Sydney

Windsor Wed 16th Dec Mon 18th Jan



North Queensland

Gladstone TBA TBA

Central Queensland

Townsville   When School Returns


Saturday 28 November 2015 - Posted By Robert Frost

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. James Valavu, as Instructor at our new Tatana Village Dojang, National Capital District and the appointment of Mr. Geno Lone, as Instructor of our new Rigo Dojang, Central Province, Papua New Guinea.